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15-06-2002 - More boots, my artwork archive is up here. finished exams but im going on holiday soon so no trades till August.
12-05-2002 - Lots more boots up, no time for descriptions though.
26-04-2002 - Some more descriptions added, they are almost finished :).
12-04-2002 - Another couple of boots and a for sale section added.
02-04-2002 - Updating pretty much constantly getting these descriptions up. Keep looking!
29-03-2002 - On holiday but still shitloads to do!! A few more boots appeared again.
13-03-2002 - Have put up some more descriptions and a trading rules section. More boots added also.
09-03-2002 - Have a four week University holiday starting next week so the site should see some major updates occurring. The site is completely up to date with my bootlegs and some more descriptions are up.
20-02-2002 - Just a quickie - too busy to trade or update just now. Should have some new boots and an Originals section next time!
07-02-2002 - Some more bootlegs added and some more descriptions - one day they will all be upped!
06-02-2002 - More descriptions and a wants section.
02-02-2002 - Added bootleg descriptions and an updates section!