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The Stone Roses - In The Studio 93-94

Your Star Will Shine (Lead vocals: Ian Brown, Guitar and backing vocals: John Squire)

1. Setting Up
2. "Take It Away John"
3. Run through with Ian mis-timing
4. "Take your coat off, it's clicking"
5. "Nah Nah"
6. "Losing The Melody"
7. "Going Backwards"
8. From 2nd Verse - lead vocals from John on last few lines.
9. Excuses, excuses - Ian just can't remember that melody
10. "This Is Hard Work" - John begins to get annoyed
11. "Yeahhh" - last run-through proves successful, nice singing with both of them at the end.

Good Times (Vocals: Ian Brown, Guitar: John Squire, Bass: Mani, Drums: Reni)

12. Setting up, then Ian, Mani and Reni start to play. Some great hi-hat work from Reni.
13. Mani and Reni discuss the song.
14. Ian, Mani and Reni go through it again.
15. John joins in
16. John, Ian and Reni from the chorus, then Mani joins in.
17. "Anyone got any smash?" - Ian and John, then Reni joins, then Mani.
18. Funky jam
19. "She's My Heroin"
20. Pulling it together
21. Sounding Great

Redemption Song - cover of Bob Marley (Vocals, Guitar: Ian Brown, Bass: Simon Dawson)

22. First run through
23. Ian's learning
24. All the way through
25. Guitar goes wrong
26. All the way through again
27. Bass joins in
28. Final Redemption

All tracks recorded in the studios between 1993 and 1994.

Fantastic to listen to, Reni on the drums as he might have sounded live, hear John and Ian talk about the songs, an amazing find.