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The Stone Roses - Glasgow Green

1. I Wanna Be Adored
2. Elephant Stone
3. She Bangs The Drums
4. Shoot You Down
5. One Love
6. Sally Cinnamon
7. Sugar Spun Sister
8. Standing Here
9. Fools Gold
10. Where Angels Play
11. Waterfall
12. Made Of Stone
13. Elizabeth My Dear
14. I Am The Resurrection

All tracks recorded live at Glasgow Green, 09/06/1990.

The Roses final gig before a 5 year gap, and my god its brilliant. 7000 people in a tent in Glasgow and the atmosphere is charged! Possibly the best ever Roses live performance and sadly Reni's last with the band. Sound quality is good audience, slightly sonic at the end of the gig. I think personally this adds to the quality, another of my favourite boots.