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The Stone Roses - It's Not Where You're From

1. Intro
2. She Bangs The Drums
3. Standing Here
4. Where Angels Play
5. Shoot You Down
6. Elephant Stone
7. Waterfall
8. Sugar Spun Sister
9. Made Of Stone
10. Going Down
11. Sally Cinnamon
12. I Wanna Be Adored
13. I Am The Resurrection
14. Fools Gold

All tracks Recorded live at Alexandra Palace, London, 18/11/1989.

Not bad bootleg, sound aint to hot. The Roses used a mate of theirs to set up the sound system. During the soundcheck it sounded ok, but when the crowd came in it completely changed the acoustics of the grand hall, leaving the sound in a complete mess. The engineers worked hard to improve the sound, and did, but even at it's best it was just about adequate. The Fool's Gold/Resurrection medley is amzing, except when Ian fucks the chorus of Resurrection. Two completely different reasons to get it!