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The Smiths - Genius Steals

1. The Queen Is Dead
2. Panic
3. I Want The One I Can't Have
4. Vicar In A Tutu
5. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
6. Ask
7. Rushulme Ruffians/Marie's The Name
8. Shakespeare's Sister
9. Frankly Mr Shankly
10. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
11. What She Said/Rubber Ring
12. Is It Really so Strange
13. London
14. Meat Is Murder
15. I Know It's Over
16. The Draize Train
17. How Soon Is Now
18. Still Ill
19. Bigmouth Strikes Again

All tracks were recorded live from The Brixton Academy, London, UK on 24/10/1986

A good soundboard recording which unfortunately loses quality towards the end of the recording - it goes crackly with interference. Pretty good performance so it's a shame as well. I own an original of this bootleg so its not in the copying that the sound is lost...