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A Year In The Life

1. Cigarettes & Alcohol
2. Shakermaker
3. Bring It On Down
4. Up In The sky (Acoustic)
5. Supersonic (Acoustic)
6. Married With Children (Acoustic)
7. Live Forever (Acoustic)
8. Shakermaker (Acoustic)
9. Fade Away
10. Digsy’s Dinner
11. Live Forever
12. Supersonic
13. It’s Good To Be Free
14. Married With Children
15. Sad Song (Acoustic)
16. Talk Tonight (Acoustic)
17. Whatever
18. I Am The Walrus

1-4: 'Evening Session'; Radio 1, UK, performed on 22/12/1993
5-6: Mark Lammar Show; Radio 1, UK, 03/05/1994
7-8: 'Creation Undrugged'; Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 04/06/1994
9-11: Glastonbury Festival; Somerset, England, 26/06/1994
12: Tramway; Glasgow, Scotland, 07/04/1994
13-18: 'Evening Session'; Radio 1, UK, 15/12/1994.

A must for all who like early performances, this is a spot on collection of performances from 1994, all soundboard.

This is an average audience recording of a pretty unspectacular gig. The van broke down that was taking the band to the gig so apparently they got the train in with the fans who helped them with their equipment!