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SOTSOG demos

1. Carry Us All
2. Who Feels Love?
3. Fuckin' In The Bushes
4. Little James
5. Gas Panic!
6. Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is
7. Sunday Morning Call
8. I Can See A Liar
9. Go Let It Out
10. Roll It Over
11. Solve My Mystery / Revolution Song
12. Where Did It All Go Wrong?
13. (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell
14. Just Getting Older
15 It's A Crime / Let There Be Love

All tracks are demo versions on tracks from 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants'.

Amazing bootleg, all are demos from the SOTSOG sessions. Tracks 11, 14 and 15 are unreleased but there are rumours "Just Getting Older" will be a b-side to the new single, The Hindu Times. Noel sings all demos except Little James and I think some are better than the album versions. Recommended.