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The Early Years

1. Colour My Life
2. Take Me
3. See The Sun
4. Must Be The Music
5. Better Let You Know
6. Snakebite
7. Columbia (excerpt)
8. Take Me
9. Must Be The Music
10. Life In Vain
11. I Will Show You
12. Better Let You Know
13. Untitled Jam#1
14. Untitled Jam#2
15. Fade Away
16. Cast No Shadow
17. Donít Look Back In anger
18. Wonderwall

1-6 Early Demos
7-12 Early Live Performance, The Boardwalk, Manchester, England
13-15 Rare Sound Check USA
16-17 Acoustic, Trentham Gardens, Stoke, England
18 Acoustic, Backstage Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

Another must have bootleg - contains some of the early demo songs and the early live songs also available on The Lost Tapes bootleg. Also has the rare soundcheck recordings too, quality!