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Glasgow 2001 1st Night 2CD


1. Fucking In The Bushes
2. Go Let It Out
3. Columbia
4. Morning Glory
5. Acquiesce
6. Supersonic
7. Fade Away
8. The Hindu Times
9. Half The World Away
10. Whatever
11. The Masterplan
12. Gas Panic
13. Cigarettes & Alcohol


1. Live Forever
2. Hung In A Bad Place
3. Slide Away
4. She’s Electric
5. Champagne Supernova (With Johnny Marr)
6. Rock N Roll Star
7. Don’t Look Back In Anger
8. I Am The Walrus
9. Roll With It

All tracks recorded live at Glasgow Barrowlands, Scotland, 13/10/01

This is the full gig with both new songs. The sound quality is good audience and the performance is pretty good too.