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Magic Apple Pie 2CD


1. Be Here Now
2. Stay Young
3. Stand By Me
4. Supersonic
5. Some Might Say
6. Roll With It
7. DíYou Know What I Mean
8. Magic Pie
9. Donít Look Back In Anger
10. Donít Go Away
11. Wonderwall
12. Live Forever


1. Itís Getting Better Man
2. Champagne Supernova
3. Fade In-Out
4. All Around The World
5. Acquiesce
6. Bring It On Down
7. I Will Believe
8. Digsyís Dinner
9. Cigarettes & Alcohol
10. Rock N Roll Star

All CD1 & Tracks 1-5 CD2 Recorded live at The Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, 8/10/97
CD2 Tracks 6-10 live in the studio late '93

This is a brilliant bootleg. The sound quality of the gig is excellent as it comes from an FM stereo broadcast. Johnny Depp apparently played guitar on Fade In-Out. The bonus tracks are also mega, they come from an early live in the studio rehearsal from 1993, tracks 6 and 7 were used as b-sides for early UK singles. These are also soundboard, I Will Believe is a class song and Liam sounds great.