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Oasis Bootlegs - 1997

1997-06-18 Oakland, CA Coliseum "Supporting U2"

1997-09-09 Stockholm Globe Arena, Stockholm Sweden "Entertaining Stockholm" 2CD

1997-09-14 Exeter Westpoint Arena "Spreading The Word" 2CD

1997-09-23 Sheffield Arena 2CD

1997-10-08 Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC "Magic Apple Pie" 2CD

1997-11-16 Filaforum, Milan, Italy "Be Live Now" 2CD

1997-11-27 Brabenthalle, Den Bosch, Holland "Here Now" 2CD

1997-12-05 Dublin Point, Dublin "Noel Gets To The Point" (Noel Vocals)

1997-12-14 Manchester G-Mex 2CD "All Around The World"