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Liamless In Chicago 2CD


1. The Swamp Song (intro tape)
2. Acquiesce
3. Hello
4. Some Might Say
5. Roll With It
6. Slide Away
7. Listen Up
8. Morning Glory
9. Cigarettes & Alcohol


1. Live Forever
2. Whatever
3. Cast No Shadow
4. Wonderwall
5. My Big Mouth
6. Don't Look Back In Anger
7. Champagne Supernova

Live At The Rosemont Horizon, Chicago August 27, 1996

This is a rarity, Liams voice is still knackered after MTV Unplugged so he buggered of home with Patsy Kensit to buy a house, leaving Noel to sing everything!! It's a good audience recording too, and Listen Up Live!! Very tasty.