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Knebworth 2nd Night Complete 2CD


1. Intro
2. Columbia
3. Acquiesce
4. Supersonic
5. Hello
6. Some Might Say
7. Roll With It
8. Slide Away
9. Morning Glory
10. Round Are Way - Up In The Sky
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol
12. Whatever - Octopus Garden
13. Cast No Shadow
14. Wonderwll
15. The Masterplan


1. Donít Look Back In Anger
2. Live Forever
3. My Big Mouth
4. Itís Gettin Better Now 5. Champagne Supernova
6. I Am The Walrus

All Tracks recorded live at Knebworth Festival 11/08/1996

Needs no real introduction does it - one of the best ever performances. To top it off guitar god John Squire of the Stone Roses plays lead on the last two tracks of the gig and outplays Noel completely. This is the complete gig, all tracks are from FM stereo except CD2 tracks 3 and 4 which are video sourced but its all soundboard. What a night, i wish i had been there!