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Live By The Sea 2CD

1. Rock N Roll Star
2. Columbia
3. Digsy’s Dinner
4. Some Might Say
5. Live Forever
6. Up In The Sky
7. Acquiesce
8. Headshrinker
9. It’s Good To Be Free
10. Cigarettes & Alcohol
11. Married With Children
12. Sad Song (Acoustic)
13. D’yer Wanna Be A Spaceman (Acoustic)
14. Talk Tonight (Acoustic)
15. Slide Away
16. Supersonic
17. I am the walrus

All tracks recorded live at the Cliffs Pavillion, Southend, England, 17/4/95.

A quality performance which was released as a live video/dvd. Sound comes straight from the release so is a+ soundboard and the performance rules too. Noel forgets how to play D'yer Wanna be A Spaceman which is quite amusing!.