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Live In London 1994

1. Bring It On Down
2. Digsy’s Dinner
3. Live Forever
4. I Will Believe
5. Cigarettes & Alcohol
6. Supersonic
7. Shakermaker
8. Fade Away
9. Digsy’s Dinner
10. Live Forever
11. Bring It On Down
12. Up In The Sky
13. Cigarettes & Alcohol
14. Supersonic
15. I Am The Walrus

Tracks 1-6 live at 100 Club, London, 24/4/94
Tracks 7-15 live at Marquee, London, 8/8/94

The quality on this boot is pretty shit but the performances are top, well worth listening to. Has "I Will Believe" live which is pretty good and quite rare but the energy of the early show is amazing.