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Hammersmith Palais

1. Rock'n'roll star
2. Columbia
3. Fade away
4. Digsy's dinner
5. Shakermaker
6. Live forever
7. Bring it on down
8. Up in the sky
9. Slide away
10. Cigarettes & alcohol
11. Married with children
12. Sad Song
13. D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman
14. Supersonic
15. Whatever
16. I am the walrus

All tracks recorded live at The Hammersmith Palais, London, 13th December 1994

I love this setlist, probably my favourite set of songs live. Sound quality is a good audience which is a bit rough but it somehow adds to the enjoyment. Bring it on Down just blows me away in this gig, pump the volume and go mental!