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Glasgow Cathouse 13/06/1994

1. Cigarettes & Alcohol
2. Fade Away
3. Digsy's Dinner
4. Live Forever
5. Bring It On Down
6. Up In The Sky
7. Cigarettes & Alcohol
8. Supersonic
9. I Am The Walrus
10. Shakermaker
11. Supersonic
12. Live Forever
13. Whatever
14. Sad Song
15. Slide Away

Tracks 1-9, The Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland, 13th June 1994
Tracks 10-15, Fan club show, London 94

The sound quality is absolutely awful at the start of this gig but it improves enough to get a C grade. The gig itself isn't very good and contrary to popular belief and the sleeve notes, the famous live version of "I am the walrus" which appears a a b-side on the cigarettes & alcohol single isn't taken from this gig but is in fact recorded at the sound check at a gig in Gleneagles 94. However the bonus tracks are all acoustic and are damn good.